Peter Wodtke


Past Appearances

Thursday June 15, 2023

Racquet and Tennis Club of New York, 370 Park Avenue, New York NY 10022

Book discussion on June 15, 2023 of “Everything to Gain China and the United States as future partners”

The discussion for members and guests was well attended.

Because Racquet and Tennis Club is a private club, there was no record kept of the discussion and no video.

Asia Hands Society

Thursday February 2, 2023

Dear Asia Hands and Friends,
Fellow AHS member Peter Wodtke will discuss his recently released book Everything to Gain - China and the United States as Future Partners. Peter's book stresses the importance for world peace from a more positive and productive relationship between the two countries.

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Asia Hands Society

October 28, 2021

Peter Wodtke talk at 2021: Annual Fall Luncheon

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